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PriVACY Policy:

IBS-Free at Last has a policy for the collection, use, and retention of personal data from visitors to this website. This website is hosted on, which has a GDPR-compliant privacy policy of its own. 

Cookies on our website collect data which is used to help us better serve our readers, such as learning what content they might be interested in, and how to optimize our content for the devices they use when viewing our website.  

Visitors who wish to download our free content are asked to provide a valid email address in order to do so. Our email marketing service,, automatically generates an email inviting visitors to opt-in for our newsletter, The IBS-Free Digest. Those who do opt in will periodically receive our newsletter, with content relevant to low-FODMAP diet and IBS. The email addresses of those who decline to opt-in are retained on a special list to ensure that we do not accidentally send campaigns to contacts who have previously opted out of our communications. takes your privacy seriously and has GDPR-compliant policies in place.

Visitors who purchase goods or services from us through the commerce section of our website will have billing, shipping and payment data collected by, which processes credit card payments for us, and by Squarespace, which retains a list of customers and sales indefinitely. We use this data to ship you the items you have purchased, and to document your purchase so that in the future we can provide discounts to you as a previous customer. We also retain documentation of your registration to our workshops, in the event that you require a replacement receipt and because we are required to do so for pre-certification of professional education credits by the Commission on Dietetic Registration. has a global privacy policy in effect.

Dietitians who have opted-in are listed in our FODMAP dietitian directory. They have volunteered to provide their names and contact information for that purpose. That information is stored in a spreadsheet on Google drive. It can be read by anyone with the link, which is public on this website. We do not attempt to keep this information private, as its express purpose is to allow new clients to contact you. We do not sell your email address from this directory; however, at the time you opt-in to be in the directory you give us your permission to send you occasional targeted mailings from ourselves or our corporate partners, relevant to FODMAPs and/or IBS.


The information provided on this website is educational in nature and intended for the general public. It is not medical advice. Seek medical advice regarding your health from your own healthcare providers.


The marketplace is responding to consumer demand for goods and services that will help people follow low-FODMAP diets. Companies providing goods and services for people with gastrointestinal problems need expert advice. Patsy therefore occasionally makes her expertise available on a consulting basis to carefully selected clients. Her active financial relationships and brand affiliations are disclosed below. Patsy selects only business clients that match her personal and professional views, with product claims that are evidence-based. It is her hope that working with the food industry will promote appropriate use of low-FODMAP ingredients, foods and diet plans. Social media posts that are created for, or in partnership with clients will be clearly identified, and appropriate hashtags will be used as needed. If Patsy mentions a food or beverage product that she has received as a casual free sample, she will say so in the social media post or use the hashtag #sample.

  • Patsy is the owner of GI Nutrition Inc, and works as a nutrition consultant. She provides one-on-one medical nutrition services to individual clients at Nutrition Works LLC in Portland, Maine. She sells educational materials about IBS and FODMAPs. She is paid to provide continuing professional education to other healthcare professionals.

  • In 2018, Patsy attended a Monash University Low FODMAP advisory board meeting.

  • Patsy provides advisory services and nutrition consulting services to Modify Health LLC. Modify Health partners with health care providers to provide dietitian services and home-delivered meals to patients.

  • GI Nutrition Inc is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

  • GI Nutrition Inc develops recipes for a variety of clients, most recently for Recipe development services do not imply endorsement.

  • GI Nutrition Inc sells advertising about products and services of interest to consumers with IBS, and to support the publication of the IBS-Free Digest Consumer and Healthcare Professional editions. Banner advertisements bear the word "Advertisement" near the top of the ad. Items with the words "Sponsored Content" under the headline are also advertisements. GI Nutrition Inc retains full editorial control of the Digest. Paid advertisement does not imply endorsement.

Code of Ethics:

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Patsy is fully committed to a professional code of ethics and follows FTC guidelines regarding endorsements.

Patsy has taken the Food and Nutrition Magazine pledge of professional civility.