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Please enjoy browsing this page of books, foods, and tools that can make your low-FODMAP diet easier and more enjoyable! Having the right gear and groceries makes a difference.

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By Patsy Catsos MS RD LD
By Lisa Rothstein, Patsy Catsos RDN, Karen Warman RDN
Pond Cove Press

Low-FODMAP Foods and Ingredients

It’s nice to buy local, but Amazon comes to the rescue if specialty items are hard to find.

Tools for the Low-FODMAP Kitchen

Low-FODMAP Supplements

Supplements are not part of the IBS-Free FODMAP elimination diet program. Most people should wait until after doing the program to add new supplements. Not everyone needs supplements. If you think you might need to make up for shortcomings in your diet, or if want to try enzymes or other supplements, please get advice from your own healthcare provider about which ones to take. The use of digestive enzymes during your FODMAP program will actually make it harder for your to figure out what your FODMAP trigger foods are—be sure to wait on these until later. These supplements appear to be low in FODMAPs based on the list of ingredients.