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Low-FODMAP brand name product guide

Are you looking for brand name products you can purchase in the U.S. that are suitable for the elimination phase of the IBSFree FODMAP diet? I have moved my brand name list and guide over to Pinterest, so I can easily add pictures. Visit me there at

"Boards" on Pinterest are just collections of pictures; in my case they are pictures of products that might come in handy on your low FODMAP diet. Here is what one of my boards looks like: 

A few disclaimers: The products pictured appear to be low FODMAP based on lists of ingredients. I cannot guarantee it, though. Only a few of them have been analyzed in a laboratory for their FODMAP composition. Look for the #FODMAPFriendlyCertified hashtags #MonashLowFODMAPCertified, which indicate products that have been tested and carry one of those low FODMAP seals. Manufacturers do change ingredients from time to time, so double check the label before you buy. I have not been paid to promote any of these products, though I have provided advisory board services to Nestle Health Science. I have received free sample of a few of them, which I have indicated in the descriptions.

You can comment on pictures, and I will comment back as I am able. Thanks for visiting me on pinterest!