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sylvia gaboriault

Hi Patsy,
I was hoping to sign up for the class in NH. Did it fillup before I got registered? If so, would you consider 2 more?
(myself and a co-worker)
Also, I woudl like to be listed as a FODMAP friendly dietitan

Patsy Catsos

We don't have a NH workshop on the schedule for this year, you must have seen the link to last year's workshop, which I just took down. I will send you the link to add yourself to the dietitian directory!

Amanda Helton

Any chance y'all would come further south for a conference or grand rounds at a teaching facility?

Patsy Catsos

We just might some time, but doubt that would be in 2013. But if know if any good speaking opportunities or venues, do let us know.


I would also like to request a workshop on the west coast if possible. Portland is a great city!

Cathie O

How about a workshop around FNCE in 2013?

Patsy Catsos

Thanks for your suggestion, but it is not in the cards for 2013.


I would really love a workshop in Nashville, TN. Thanks for all you guys do!

Elisa Ross

Will you be doing workshops in Maine anytime soon?

Patsy Catsos

No plans for that. The next few are in Arlington, IL, Portland, OR, San Francisco, and Albany, NY.

Patsy Catsos

Cindy, I will check your registration status tomorrow and get back to you. 

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Who do I contact to check to see if my registration went through for Arlington Heights?? Ive not received a confirmation. Thank you

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Patsy, have you had a chance to check on registration? And can you delete my messiah pages from your site? They don't seem to be helpful to anyone but me. Thank you. Cindy B

Patsy Catsos

Hi Cindy,
I do not see your name on either my registration list or in my paypal records. There is one Cindy who paid by check with a different last name. Was that you? Otherwise, it looks like you should register again, unless you can confirm the transaction went through on your credit card statement. Also, I am not sure what you mean by your messiah pages, but I would be happy to delete them if you can help me identify them.

Patsy Catsos

Cindy, I got your registration now, but the email address you used is not functioning and I was not able to send you a confirmation. Please send me a working email address via comment and I will send your confirmation. I will delete the comment instead of publishing it so it will remain private. Thank you.


Where's the Eventbrite link for the Albany afternoon schedule. I'm not seeing it.


Hi! I'm not a RD but I am a new FODMAP patient. The outline of your workshop sounds VERY informative and I know I don't speak for myself when I say patients would LOVE to attend one of these. We can get tons of great info, commiserate with fellow patients, and low FODMAP food companies could offer samples of their products which can be very hard to find.
Any chance you would be willing to have these workshops for patients in the future? Perhaps in Kansas City...middle of the country is a perfect location!!



I was wondering if you will be holding any workshops in Las Vegas?


There are no plans to hold a workshop in Las Vegas, sorry.

Katie Clare

Do you run workshops internationally? I am based in the UK (London).


No, we don't run workshops internationally at this time. Have you checked into the FODMAP trainings offered at King's College?


I'm wondering if you will have any workshops south of Phila this year? I'm in Richmond, VA and would like to attend one of your workshops.
Thank you!


None planned, but if we could find the right venue it isn't out of the question for fall.

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