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November 21, 2013


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The Monash FODMAP app indicates that dried cranberries (as little as 2 tablespoons) are high FODMAP. They do not have a listing for raw cranberries, but I assume they have the same FODMAP content.

Marielaina Perrone DDS

wonderful recipe for holiday time.

Amy Jones

Couple of questions Patsy, from a new client I started yesterday. In the 2nd Edition of the book, coffee is a bold food, but in the RDN kit (which I used to work with the client), coffee is not bolded anymore, but tea (weak) is. My client is a tea drinker. Also, I know the fiber/FODMAP content is the issue in the coffee, but my client is also wondering if she should be drinking decaf.

Also, she is interested in using gelato in her lactose challenge. We did not see it listed on the lactose content of foods list. Would that be appropriate to use as part of her challenge?

Amy Jones, MS., RD., LD


New beverage info came out from Monash that showed espresso (and by my inference brewed coffee) is low FODMAP, while strong tea is not. So info in my kit is more up to date and supercedes the food lists in the 2012 book. Instant coffee has FODMAPs, apparently bc we are drinking the coffee solids rather than leaving them behind in a filter. Decaf does not matter re: FODMAPs, but true for some caffeine might be a separate IBS trigger. Gelato is made with milk, so not suitable for elimination phase.

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