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October 30, 2013


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Susan Helfeld

The link isn't working for me...

Dorthe Raaskou

Me neither:(

Elaine Clifford


IBS-Free at Last

Thanks for letting me know. I'll fix it and repost hopefully tomorrow.

IBS-Free at Last

OK, the post is up now! http://www.ibsfree.net/ibsfree_at_last/2013/10/why-is-corn-so-confusing.html


Just curious if they tested corn syrup solids?? This is the primary ingredient in most baby formulas. Most regular formulas have approx 50% CSS, but other ones are higher than this. I believe corn syrup solids are supposed to be straight dextrose, but I'd be really curious to see if they actually test out this way or if there is fructose or sorbitol in the solids. Just too many babies having issues these days.

Sky Williams

Most corn is incompatible with our system, but most corn is now genitacily modified, google GMO's, you will be shocked. Most countries are rejecting foods that are GMO's because they change our genes. Do you want frog genes to change youy DNA? Check it out. Plus in our foods are many chemicals, such as antibiotics, neurotoxicins such as msg and aspartame, hormone disrupters. We don't even know what kind of sh** is in our foods, particularly in the US. Many countries have banned the chemicals that are allow here. Also search Monsanto. The more we become educated, the more we can take action. I suffered and still suffer from both the foods and pharmaceuticals, but I am starting to wise up and demand better quality foods.

Julie Novy

What about popcorn?


Do you know if corn syrup solids have been tested?? What is the ruling on them??


I have not seen the results of any analysis that has been done on corn solids.


What do you suggest as a menu the day before Lactulose Breath Testing? I've seen so many different things, don't know what to eat! I want the test to be accurate and not have a false reading. Thank you!


The best answer is to follow the advice given to you by the health care provider who ordered the test. Each facility/lab has a specific protocol for diet the day before the test for a reason. They will be interpreting your results on the assumption that you followed the prescribed diet. The only thing I might add is that if you know your intestinal transit time to be on the slow side, ask your provider if you should follow the "day before diet" for an extra day or two before the test.


Oh wow! I've got your book and have been eating way more than a half cup in the mornings! Maybe that's part of my problem. I don't remember it being bolded so I thought I could have all I wanted!


Is popcorn fodmap friendly? Is it made from sweet corn?


Sources tell me the popcorn is bred for high starch content so I'm betting it is low in FODMAPs. Not analyzed that I know of, though. Also, can be mechanically irritating so not a great idea for patients with Crohn's disease or at risk of obstruction for any reason.


I have been substituting corn pasta which contains corn flour and water. I assumed like corn startch it is ok in the elimination phase. Am I on the right track? I have not had a bad reaction to it


Corn pasta with corn flour and water is fine. So is corn starch.

Ben Waitforit Ben

Corns even non GMO hard to digest' its subsidised because animals eat it so its used for everything and it can bloat people eg maltodextrin in ibs


Hi Patsy

I bought your e-book in Spanish and it's been really helpful to understand some details about the diet. However, I am still wondering if something that I´ve always eaten for many years with no problem is permitted in the diet. This product known in Australia as "corn bread" is made out of white corn, salt and margarine and it´s gluten free. In your book you suggest that corn products are allowed if they're not made out of sweet corn and this one is made from white corn not the sweet type. Is it safe?


Well, I don't know for certain because it hasn't been specifically analyzed. I have seen white sweet corn, but the bread is more likely made out of white corn meal or ground maize. Those varieties of corn are usually bred for higher starch content than sweet so I'm guessing it would be OK.


Patsy, what are your thoughts on Barbara's Puffins cereal?


The molasses would rule them out on the elimination phase of the diet but they might be fine later on if fructose is not a problem. Portion will have to be small though, like 1/2 cup. Both corn cereals and oatmeal have a small amount of FODMAPs that would add up if one ate too much.


What about corn chips for dipping in salsa's or just for a crunchy snack?

Patsy Catsos

Corn chips are fine on a low FODMAP diet, but watch out for the onions and garlic in the salsa.

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