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August 09, 2013


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people's pharmacy just posted a study that shows that probiotics aren't that helpful when taking antibiotics. you may want to look at it.

Sophia Kamveris

Awesome! Love VSL


I have been taking these with my flare ups for years! Amazing product and I am not surprised to see your affiliation and support!

Terri Baumann Houlton


Charee Macdonald

Love the VSL#3 Product! Though I do have a question. Does it work best if I take it with food or without? Either or both?

Patsy Catsos

The capsules can be consumed with or without food, just swallow with cold water. The packets can be mixed with cold food or water. There is no need to take it on an empty stomach, but avoid consuming it with hot food or beverages since high temperatures will kill some of the good bacteria in the product.

Ce Ce

FYI: I just ordered the VSL3 unflavored sachets with 450 billion bacteria. The packet insert lists MALTOSE as an ingredient in the flavored sachet packets.

Patsy Catsos

Maltose is not considered a FODMAP.

Ce Ce

Thank you Patsy. I get confused about -ols, and -oses.


My nutritionist just started me on a low fodmap diet for IBS. She wants me to do this for 6 weeks and then start the reintroduction phase if I feel better. But she wants me to start using VSL3 (or a similar probiotic) about 1 1/2 - 2 Weeks into the diet. Does this seem too early to be adding it in? I was also worried about making too many changes at once, especially because I am very sensitive to everything. I have been on the diet for 5 days and am still not feeling any better. I'm just curious at what point in the diet you would recommend introducing the probiotic. Thank you for your help.


The beauty of working with a registered dietitian nutritionist is getting advice that takes into account your entire clinical picture; I'm not really in a position to second guess your nutritionist. If you don't feel comfortable with his or her advice about when to begin your probiotic, you should call to discuss before beginning it.

Patti Ransone

My doctor recommended VSL#3 and it made a significant improvement for me. Before taking it I could not tolerate a cup of corn chex with almond milk for dinner. Just a few days after taking it I could tolerate that and other approved foods on the elimination diet.

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