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July 25, 2013


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Rebekah Adams Donelan

Thank you for sharing this information!

Jen Anderson

Thank you! I just recently purchased the app and have been wondering how many differences there would be due to the regional differences.

Abby Nardo

You could try Picasa or maybe a public album on Facebook or Flickr.

Barb Sabathil

Patsy, for your large number of photos, it might make sense to link from your blog to a site like Pinterest, which is set up to handle a lot of pics, or you could use Google's Picasa, or Flickr. Hope that helps!


Do you know if there's a big difference between our worcestershire sauce (lea & perrin's) and the australian brands. It is given a green light on the app, but since there is garlic in lea & perrins, I was wondering if the australian version doesn't have any fodmap ingredients.

Oliver Sisson

I've just moved from Au to the US and my problems have been much worse here. It's hard to avoid hfcs here.

I had a week in Cuba, and though I hated the country, my stomach was great there.

Patsy Catsos

No, I don't know. I did not see the product while I was there. Can any Aussies out there shed light on this?

Sue Martin

Try Photobucket. You can put up lots of images and link to them from your blog. You can make an album link. I use Photobucket for my blog, edible gardens--point loma.

Thanks for your website. I am a home care and home infusion dietitian encountering more and more patients with IBS.

Patsy Catsos

Thanks for the suggestion, and you're welcome! I think its exciting that symptoms people used to think they just had to live with are now named and discussed and often treatable with diet. Will look into photo bucket.


Can you please explain why the Australian BBQ sauce by Masterfoods (as pictured) is allowed but not the tomato sauce? Is it because the concentration of onion in the tomato sauce is higher? The first ingredient in both sauces is tomatoes (from paste).

Patsy Catsos

I don't mean to imply one way or the other whether the above products are allowed or not, actually, just posted them because they were interestingly different from products in the US. The Monash Uni app does "green light" Australian style BBQ sauce, so it must have been tested in the lab, but I don't see anything in the app about tomato sauce/ketchup.

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