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June 11, 2013


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Lisa Braithwaite

Thanks, Patsy. I passed it on to the FB group.


This is definitely true for me. I only wish I could pinpoint what is causing my tension headaches. I know it is food-related (I'm FructMal), but 30 days into my food diary, I still can't figure it out.

Patsy Catsos

Thanks, Lisa. Welcome your questions if I should elaborate on any part of the post.

Mary Lou ridler

This is a great mental picture of how, and why things are occurring. Thanks patsy.


Thanks, this is very helpful. (Although as an IBS-C I think it is almost impossible to track down "culprits"!)
I do wonder about the intolerance breath tests on this basis though. Recordings were only taken for three hours after intake of the sugar... does this make sense in respect of the above info?

Patsy Catsos

Breath tests are definitely affected by whether transit time is fast or slow, one of the factors that make them less then clinically useful sometimes; though whoever designs those tests judges that the first lactose or whatever will be hitting the large bowel at three hours, it certainly may not be the case for each individual.

Sarah C.

In terms of "transit time" I get your point. But does this also mean that FODMAPs aren't the cause of immediate post-meal stomach ache or other symptoms? In terms of lactose, it's pretty quick that I feel pain in my stomach, a little longer till my side hurts/gurgles, and the next day or two when the C part of my IBS-C shows up. I'm just now starting the elimination diet and had some garlic tonight at dinner and my stomach hurt instantly, with the side pain and gurgling within a few hours. Are you saying this isn't caused by FODMAPs, or were you ONLY talking about transit time?

Patsy Catsos

I am saying that pain immediately post-meal is less likely to be caused by FODMAPs than some other type of food sensitivity unless ones transit time were incredibly fast or some bacterial overgrowth is present in the small intestine, where they would have immediate access to the FODMAPs in the meal. The more typical IBS FODMAPs scenario is delayed.


So if I experienced extreme symptoms within less than half an hour of my first fructose challenge (honey), I shouldn't associate those symptoms with the fructose, even if the rest of my recent diet has been normal and low-FODMAP?

Patsy Catsos

It wouldn't be *typical* to experience symptoms within minutes from fructose. Rapid transit time or SIBO could explain it so anyone experiencing such rapid onset of symptoms might want to talk over these possibilities with his/her doctor.


Is it possible to be ill for FODMAPS you ate the day before? Because i've sometimes strong crisis the day after I cheated on the diet, even if i don't eat high fodmaps food the other day... Could it be so long? Moreover, i tend to have more constipation since i'm on low-fodmaps diet (even if i have an IBS-D), could it be possible that diarrheas start in reaction of these constipation, instead of being due to fodmaps?


Yes, it is possible that FODMAPs one eats the day before can cause symptoms. It usually takes hours for FODMAPs to work their way through the system.



What is the average time for onset of symptoms after starting the polyols challenge? Is 3.5 hours a reasonable time to attribute symptoms to a high polyol- content meal? ( 2 nectarines)


3.5 hours in in the right time frame.


I'm trying to graze less and eat every 3-4 hours. Does drinking tea with a spoon of sugar between meals affect the transit and work that intestines need to do between meals?


Hi Patsy,

I notice that I can have to go to the bathroom maybe 15-30 minutes after a high fat meal. I'll get crampy and have D. I've heard about "Habba syndrome" and I'm trying Cholestyramine for bile acids diarrhea. It does keep the bowels solid now. However, I still get gas and bloating. I haven't had a test for my gallbladder yet, and I'm not 100% sure that's the cause vs. fodmap carbs. Do you think that a bile-binding agent is affective for diarrhea that's caused by FODMAPs? Also, is fat-malabsorption common with FODMAP problems? Thank you for your time.

Patsy Catsos

I would not expect a bile-binding agent to help diarrhea caused by FODMAPs. Fat malabsorption can occur with SIBO; low FODMAP diet can help manage SIBO. So there is an indirect possible relationship. But most people with FODMAP-related symptoms do not have diarrhea.

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