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March 28, 2013


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Angela Louise Kneller

Cool can we eat chocolate? X

IBS-Free at Last

Chocolate is OK for now in small portions if sugar sweetened and no lactose or milk ingredients. I hope that chocolate will be directly analyzed for FODMAPs sometime soon so we can be even more sure of it.

Carolyn Newstrom

Patsy, how cool! I first heard about the #140conf 4-5 years ago when it came to LA. I'm glad to hear the theme this year is health & wellness. Just as an FYI, Jeff's #140conf registration site seems to be kaput at the moment. I thought the issue was a broken link on your blog site but I can't get there directly either. Hopefully that issue will be resolved soon.

IBS-Free at Last

Thanks for the heads up, I will let him know.

Gerry Rowland

Congratulations on being part of this exciting event.

A quick question-I recently heard that a person who had been diagnosed as lactose intolerant had received acupuncture treatment and now could eat/drink food containing lactose. Are you aware of anyone who had a similar experience? I did a google search and did find some acupuncture practitioners who claimed to be able to reduce or eliminate IBS symptoms (but they could not explain why it would work).

Patsy Catsos

Hi Gerry, I don't know anyone personally who has used acupuncture to improve lactose intolerance. I don't know enough about traditional chinese medicine to know if or how this might work. I am not aware acupuncture is capable of increasing lactase production. More plausibly, if it could decrease intestinal transit time, there might be more time for whatever lactase is on hand to digest lactose, and more time for the products of digestion (glucose and galactose)to be absorbed. Patients I know personally who have benefited from acupuncture seemed to think it helped with remaining bouts of stress-induced diarrhea after we got the food thing taken care of.


I've been on the elimination diet for two weeks and two days. While on it, my symptoms improved but I still had bouts of cramps, gas, and loose bowels. I followed the diet to a T. Is that normal or I should I have had better results? Today I started the challenge phase by eating whole wheat toast for breakfast. I'm concerned if I'll know if the food is bothering me or something else. I don't know what to think at this point!

Patsy Catsos

Hope you are working with a dietitian to guide you on what to do next. If FODMAPs is "the answer" most people feel quite a bit better in a couple of weeks, though it can take longer for some, especially if constipation predominant, from what I have seen.

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