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January 12, 2013


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I just wanted to say how invaluable your book is, and I'm glad you have an online presence. I've completed some of the food trials in the past, but hadn't completely eliminated or tested the wheat group. Now I've just started the elimination diet again, correctly this time, and discovered rice/corn/oat products instead of wheat. There is a wide variety of foods now for people with intolerances. Again, thanks for all of your expert advice!

Stacy Campbell

Thanks for this post...it helps. I just noticed in the Monash app that almonds are out. Does that mean no almond flour and Blue Diamond Crackers? I'm guessing so.

Louise Procter

Almonds are out??


I have that app too. I'm very confused about dried oats. I eat oatmeal everyday and knew it was supposed to be ok in any amount (I have 40g every morning)!

IBS-Free at Last

Small servings are still OK, so probably also small amounts of almond flour will be as well.

Patsy Catsos

You're welcome Krista, thanks for stopping by!

Patsy Catsos

Jill we are going to have to live with some uncertainty and dissonance due to the evolving nature of this diet, and remember the goal is to lower the overall FODMAP content of the diet, not necessarily to achieve perfection. The last data published on the FODMAPs in oats was from 2011. Either the have reanalyzed it and found it is higher in FODMAPs after all, or their new system is using a different cutoff or definition is was they consider high. In the latest published data, 2011 where cereal grains were all analyzed using the same methods, oats were the lowest of the cereals, with .11 grams total fructans per serving, All-Bran was .76, corn flakes .32, mixed grain flakes with fruit and nuts .61, and wheat biscuits (Weetbix, prob like what we would call shredded wheat) .62, rice bubbles .31.


I am having trouble finding the Monash App, anyone have any clues? Is it available on droid phones?

Patsy Catsos

The droid app isn't out yet, only the iphone app, which is available at the istore.


Thank you so much, Patsy!


Thank you so much for your book. I am in the second week of the elimination diet and it is helping. About your Amazon store with suggested low-FODMAP items, I want to point out that Erewhon cereal contains brown rice syrup, unfortunately. However, Amazon now carries gluten-free Rice Crispies that have only rice, sugar, and preservatives, nothing else.


Thank you for your book; it's been a big help to me! I just have a question: is malt sugar OK on the elimination diet?

Patsy Catsos

Yes, malt sugar, aka maltose, is OK, not a FODMAP.


Thanks a lot for the reply!

Rick Collins

How does one get to the "Amazon Food Store"?

Patsy Catsos

Thanks for finding this loose end...sadly, Amazon just closed my account due to some beef they have with the sales tax revenue department in my home state, so its no longer available.


Am I right in assuming sprite-zero is non-FODMAP and allowed at the elimination stage?

It states 0 carbs and its ingredients are:
carbonated water, citric acid, natural flavors, potassium citrate, and potassium benzoate, aspartame and acesulfame potassium


That is correct. The answer to your question is that aspartame and acesulfame potassium are not FODMAPs. Is it a "food" I recommend? No.

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