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November 15, 2012


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Lisa Braithwaite

It's heartbreaking how many people are handed a sheet of paper and told by their doctor to "avoid these foods," with no explanation of an elimination diet or reintroduction of foods. I've heard from several people on a FODMAP group here on FB that they thought the elimination diet was meant to be their permanent solution to IBS. Kind of scary when you think about the potential for malnutrition. I recommend your (very thorough and easy to follow) book to everyone as often as I can.

Patsy Catsos

Thanks for that! I do emphasize a FODMAP elimination/challenge protocol should be a temporary learning diet, and the goal is the most liberal and varied diet each person can tolerate. True, there will be some people that can liberalize the diet much more than others, but I believe everyone should try. The philosophy is experimentation and individualization. This is a major difference between the FODMAP approach and many of the other, more zealous gastrointestinal health diets diets out there.

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