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September 15, 2012


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Marcia Wilson

I appreciate it when someone can say "I don't know."


I have IBS-C, but in recent months I've been able to have regular, soft, almost always complete BMs by eating alot of what I now know to be high-FODMAP foods. The downside to this has been the horrible gas and pain and bloating from that gas. Now that I am reducing FODMAPs in my diet, the gas and resulting pain has been reduced to almost nothing just about overnight, but now I have different discomfort from not being able to go regularly. Having that visceral sensitivity that comes with IBS makes me uncomfortable if I don't go every single day. Will this sort itself out eventually? Right now I am just experimenting with eating low-FODMAP, but right after Christmas I plan to start the FODMAP elimination diet in your book.

Also, is there a forum where you can ask questions of a community of people that are going low-FODMAP, and read other people's questions and answers?


so, does following a low fodmap diet increase constipation, which is already severe with me?

Patsy Catsos

I have had lots of patients whose constipation has improved on a low FODMAP diet, but everybody is different, so its possible. People prone to constipation should pay extra attention to eating plenty of allowed fruits and vegetables as well as low FODMAP whole grains, and maybe chia seeds or oat bran.


this is the first time i've heard of the term FODMAPs, interesting.


A theory by Dr Mark Pimentel: in people with ibs-c there's an excess production of methane which can slow gut transit time by up to 60%.

Slow transit means more water absorbed, harder, less frequent stools.


I've been on the diet for about a week and have seen some improvement with my IBS-C. Things have *ahem* softened up - but there's still some straining involved. How will I know if I've been on the elimination diet for long enough?

One other random question - on the elimination diet. Is regular cheddar cheese ok? In the book - sometimes it specifies light cheese.


Regular cheddar cheese is OK. Did you seem my post:http://www.ibsfree.net/ibsfree_at_last/2013/04/how-long-to-stay-on-elimination-phase-of-the-ibsfree-diet.html?

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