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September 04, 2012


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Carri Westgarth

I have read information that ground flax is high fodmap. This I discovered after trying it for a few days on recommendation from my gastro and connecting it to daily awful stomach aches that I had not experienced since starting low fodmap diet. They ceased as soon as I stopped taking it!


Carri, it is still unclear whether ground flax seed is low or high FODMAP. Sounds like you, at least, don't tolerate it. When adding a new fiber source, its always a good idea to start with a very small amount and increase slowly to the maximum recommended amount to test tolerance as you go along.


What's frustrating is not being able to find doctors who are willing to do a colonoscopy to rule out Crohn's or UC. That has been my biggest hurdle. Because no one in my family has either of those conditions and I'm not bleeding, no one will do a colonoscopy and insurance also won't cover it because of that either.


Is Ultimate Flora Probiotic a fodmap friendly option? It has cellulose fiber? Thanks


I don't see anything wrong with most of the Ultimate Flora line vis a vis FODMAPs, except the Kid's Probiotic has xylitol (a FODMAP) and the Constipation Reflief Part 2 has inulin (a FODMAP). The cellulose fiber is OK.


I just started the elimination diet after reading your book, but my loose stools came back after eating some table sugar (about a teaspoon). Could this suggest that I am extremely sensitive to fructose, or is it possible that I have SIBO and so the sugar was fermenting before it even got to my large intestine? Any perspective you can offer is much appreciated.


About the fiber addition, aren't all that you suggested insoluble fibers? I've read elsewhere that soluble fiber was a better choice for those experiencing IBS and diarrhea, can you clarify some? I would really appreciate it, as I'm still working into the elimination phase and have found that if I stop one day of the fiber, I start in again with soft stools. But I've found more recently with the elimination diet I become constipated with the fiber in my system. I can't seem to stop oscillating between the two. The brand of soluble fiber I use is called Renew Life Organic Clear Fiber.


Soluble fibers tend to be rapidly fermentable/FODMAPs. There is definitely a difference of opinion about the type and amount of fiber supplements that are right for people with IBS. My opinion is if you are using a soluble fiber supplement without relief of your IBS, then try something else. If it does help, then use it. People react differently, and I don't think its right to say a particular type of fiber is right for everyone with IBS. I got a little confused about your question but would a smaller daily dose instead of all or nothing help?

Erin W

Hello Patsy! I am a week and a half into the FODMAPs elimination diet (recommended by my GI Doctor) and I have not noticed any improvement in my symptoms. I am getting really frustrated because I am putting all of these restrictions on my diet and I am not seeing any results at all. Have you worked with any IBS patients who just didn't get any improvement from the diet? I don't know what I am doing wrong and I really expected it to work! I have noticed that using any amount of oil really messes me up, but I cut that out and I still am not feeling better. How long do I need to put myself through this before deciding it's not working? Everything I keep reading says most people feel better within the first few days or withing the first week.


You should follow the advice of your own doctor or dietitian on how long your elimination trial should be because each case is a little different. In Australia they tend to use a 6 to 8 week elimination. I find that a couple of weeks is usually sufficient to find out whether a low FODMAP diet is going to help, though some people do continue to improve after that.


I just started the elimination phase and have been successful for the most part but have had several IBS attacks too. One I attributed to eating sorbet which had a lot of fruit concentrates in it, the other I mad eggpalnt parm with cornflake crumbs mozzarella cheese and suace I made from tomatoes. However Ilaso ate buttered corn noodles with this which I added parmesan chees to. I had a terrible reaction but then I thought maybe I had too much cheese or the tomatoes for the sauce contained tomato juice, I tried eating a litle for lunch teh next day and had no reaction at all.
ALso I am intoducing meat into my diet. I have found that chicken is ok but I had one bite of steak last night and had a huge reaction durng the night that I had take immodium and my IBS prescription drug to end the bout. I also had a few beans but that was over 24 hours since that incident. I have been using non wheat bread (UDI) for my lunch and eating no fruit since I know fruit will always set me off. I used to eat a lot of soy since I didn;t eat meat and I cut out that as well. SO the short story is that I have had 4 bouts of nightime IBS attacks in 2 weeks but the constant bowel movements that I used to have all morning are gone. So I am still trying to stay on the elimination diet and see what foods on that diet are even afffecting me. I do use garlic infused oil to suate my greens (spinach and Broccoli Rabe). I drink e one cup of green tea in the morning and some nights have a glass of wine with dinner (dry)
I have your book and it has been very helpful. ANy other advice would be geatly appreciated/


Hi Patsy... My low-fodmap diet worked really good for awhile, i was having an attack every 3 weeks, which wass really an improvement for me... Actually, I never really did the challenge phase, too scared to be ill at work during the 2-3 days after the challenge day... But the elimination diet was fine for me, until now... Have an attack every days or two days, even if i'm still on the elimination diet... What I have been eating for month without issue, seem to cause me some problem now. Feel desperate and confuse. Did you ever see this in your career? It's so awful to loose the control of the symptom once again, and see the former anxiety going back...


I don't see this happen too often. I think you should start by talking this over with your doctor or dietitian to make sure you have been properly evaluated and diagnosed with IBS and there is nothing else going on.

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