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April 11, 2012


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Gerry Rowland

Very helpful-there has been some discussion of enzymes on fruct-mal list, mostly mixed to negative


Beano contains wheat which can be a problem for some. It also contains mannitol. And it contains cod, flounder and redfish which is a mystery to me...


I'm currently trying the Garden of Life Ω-Zyme digestive enzymes (ingredient list here: http://www.gardenoflife.com/ProductsforLife/DigestiveHealth/%E2%84%A6ZymeULTRA/tabid/643/Default.aspx), which does have the alpha-galactosidase and a whole mess of other enzymes. I get a bit scared when taking these everything-and-the-kitchen-skin pills, in case something else in it sets me off. But so far galactans (soy flour, soy yogurt, coffee) seem to be giving me the most trouble, so I figured I'd give it a go.

IBS Sufferer

I have IBS-C, along with a fecal odor. I have tried multiple enzymes and they have never helped my IBS or odor.
Thank you for this information!

Cheryl White

Surprisingly enough, once I read the first edition of IBS - Free at Last (and now the second edition of course), I have saved a lot of money by NOT buying digestive enzymes. I don't need them thanks to Patsy's book. Perhaps never did. They may have been adding to my digestive issues with some of the added FODMAP ingredients.

Patsy Catsos

Great thought ;) If anyone isn't sure they want to spend the money on the book...just compare to the cost of one bottle of digestive enzymes. Thanks, Cheryl.


I finally got the last piece to my health puzzle when I started taking Digest Spectrum (Enzymedica). I am IBS-D. Took a few tries to tolerate the DS, but now I take one with every meal & my symptoms have lessened even further. I am having normal BMs for the first time in years! DS also helps with the digestion of phenols (amines and chemicals which behave like amines). Since taking DS my night time severe reflux has also lessened. I belong to an FM support group (lots of members) and many of them have also had positive results using DS. My DH recently started taking them and he has also had positive results, even though he has no intolerances..he says he just feels better. No nausea and/or reflux & indigestion. After initial scepticism, I am now a total convert to digestive enzymes..but, like everything, you need to find the one which works for you.


Celiac, fructose intolerant, and IBS-D here. I've been taking Solaray Super Digestaway for a little over a month now, and it's been AMAZING. This product contains pancreatic enzymes and is supposed to help with the digestion of everything - protein, fats, and carbs. And it really has! Hasn't solved the D issues entirely but I've had probably a 90% reduction in symptoms.

Wendy Schwartz

I am thinking that while digestive enzymes don't really help with FODMAPS, they might help with proteins which can be used by bacteria as an alternate food source when dietary FODMAPS are low. I am curious to hear what you think of that. I haven't read your book yet. I am going to get it now. I suffer from IBS/SIBO symptoms and haven't been able to really do a full blown elimination diet so I am going to study up and do this after a trip I am taking when I can be in a more controlled eating environment. Until then, I will still do my best to avoid FODMAPS.

So glad to have found you today. Not too many people I know have both a BS and MS in Nutrition. I suspect you and I may know some people in common from our college years as we both attended around the same time. I was at NYU.


Hi Wendy, to clarify, are you wondering whether proteolytic enzymes might help some people with IBS/SIBO?


I'm taking an enzyme supplement that contains dandelion root: is this allowed during the elimination phase?


Don't know for sure about the dandelion root. In general, if supplements aren't essential I suggest stopping them during the elimination phase, but if it has been a long term part of your regimen and especially if recommended by your health care provider then it is OK to continue.


Thank you. I was asking because I've found several websites that claim that dandelion leaves and dandelion tea cointain fructans... But I didn't found this statement on your book so I'm puzzled... I don't want to change consistently my routine because I want to see clearly the difference between the FODMAP and non-FODMAP diet. I must stop taking my probiotics supplement because I've noticed it contains FOS, but I'm not sure about dandelion root and I want to make things right...


Hmmm. Well I haven't seen any original source about dandelion leaves yet, but if and when I do I will blog about it. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.


Thank you, I hope as well... This is an example of what I've found about dandelion
http://www.allergyassist.com.au/pages/Fructose-Malabsorption-and-FODMAP%E2%80%99s.html Here they say that dandelion is problematic in large amounts, so I don't think that a few milligrams in a pill can cause so much trouble...

Cherry Foster

I just bought some Beano, but was sad to find it has mannitol in it... Am still going to trial it though, maybe it won't affect me.


Patsy, is dandelion tea allowed on fodmaps? I believe dandelion leaves are not allowed, but what about dandelion tea? Thanks so much.

Patsy Catsos

Dandelion leaves and tea have not been analyzed, so I don't know if they are low in FODMAPs.

barbara norris

I've been on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet for 11 months, which means I have eaten no grains or potatoes. Now I'm starting the FODMAPS diet, which calls for some grains and potatoes. Should I take digestive enzymes at first to tolerate these foods that my stomach hasn't seen in nearly a year?

Patsy Catsos

Better talk this one over with your own dietitian or doctor.

Penny Dieffenbach

I would like to know if anyone has taken fructosin which is used in Europe to convert excess fructose to glucose when taken with the offending food.


I'll echo Sue above, about pancreatic enzymes. The pancreas, liver, and gallbladder working together to breakdown the food. Bile that is stored in the gallbladder is released by the liver to breakdown the fats, proteins and carbohydrates as the food arrives. The pancreas then releases enzymes, which break down foods. Get your organs working right and there's no need taking digestive enzymes.

I started taking Thorne's Dipan 9, which is a pancreatic enzyme. It hasn't cured everything, but I think that's because I am still figuring out which foods to eliminate, especially among the high fructose. But it has helped a whole lot, especially with leaky gut and pain. The only problem I have left is that I get some bloat still and gas (sometimes smelly) too often, so I am not done.

The other thing I started taking is a D3 supplement, which helps rebuild the small intestine lining.

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