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March 15, 2012


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Patty Ann Colclasure

I have been on this diet since the latter part of November. Still on it, it has helped. Still doing the challenge part of the diet. This way I can find out what foods to avoid.

Carri Westgarth

I am doing a second dairy challenge tonight, just to make sure that I really can't get away with a bit of cheese! I love your approach to challenges in the book, it has helped me to learn that avocado, eggplant, hummus and even onion are actually ok for me in small doses not added with other things, but not broccoli or green beans. I have control!!!!

Di Jasper

I checked the Australian site and the booklet is $10 but to send it to the US is and additional $25. I didn't see a purchase and download. Did I miss it?

I have your book and recommend it highly.


Is Rogers golden cane syrup a fodmap? Thanks.

Patsy Catsos

I don't think it is available as an e-book for download, but I think they might be working on that.

Patsy Catsos

Roger's golden cane syrup appears to be very low in FODMAPs. A handy replacement for honey in recipes that need something sticky!


Thanks, for looking into Rogers syrup. Good to know that I can use it then.


I know that red bell pepper is acceptable, and green is not, but what about yellow and orange?

Also, is there any particular fish that we should not eat? I dont like salmon, and following your sample menu I realize that I need a substitute.


Patsy Catsos

The latest on peppers--green peppers are OK as long as the portion is limited to 1/2 cup. No data on yellow and orange, but probably safe with portion size limited to 1/2 cup. Fish is all the same with respect to FODMAPs: None! If you don't care for salmon maybe try a fish with white flesh; they are usually lower in fat and milder in flavor. Cod, haddock, tilapia, pollack, flounder would all be worth a try.



I am still new to the FODMAP diet and have noticed that information provided online can be quite conflicting (i.e., corn syrup, maltodextrin, sucralose). Is the latest Low FODMAP Diet booklet the most complete, accurate and up to date resource? For instance, does it mention portion sizes for each food, alternative ingredient names, accurate categorization (I've seen pistachios listed as a fructan; however, you mentioned in your summary of updates that it is a polyol).

In addition, does "IBS--Free at Last! Second edition" provide all of the above?

Much appreciated!


Hi, I agree it is hard to keep it all straight. For example, I just double checked my info about pistachios and it is high ih GOS, which I just corrected--thanks. Are you asking about the Monash U Low FODMAP diet booklet? Because it is "straight from the horses mouth" it is very accurate, however as with any FODMAP publiciation, check the publication date; even the Monash booklet becomes "out of date" as soon as the next FODMAP nutrient composition data is published. The Monash booklet gives portion sizes only for foods that contain small amounts of FODMAPs. The food names are all Australian. My book uses primarily American food names, though I tried to give alternative ingredient names for some of the most important and common foods, for example, oatmeal/porridge. Obviously I did my very best to provide accurate and up-to-date information in the book, but the pace of change is rapid. I use this blog, Facebook, and Twitter as a way to communicate updates and improvements, so I hope you'll follow.

Karen Heiser

I just want to thank you for all your hard work in keeping us updated and informed. I have your first book and the second edition is being shipped to me right now. I use this blog regularly. It makes a huge difference. I am amazed that you seem to answer every question. I love that you depend on science and logic, not anecdotes. So, thanks for all the effort, time, and patience you devote to all of us. It is appreciated.


You are most welcome! I'm glad I have been able to help my readers. Depending on science and logic can be frustrating for some readers. Waiting for the science prevents me from having "all the answers", and also causes me to have to correct myself more often than I would like when new info and ideas are published! I'm glad you get it.

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