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November 23, 2011


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I went through your exhaustive list of brand named products and finally went shopping the other day to stock our pantry.

I did find the Green Valley lactose-free yogurt after going to several stores. I did notice that it contains "evaporated cane juice" - is this an O.K. sweetener?

Patsy Catsos

Yes, evaporated cane juice is OK on the elimination diet.


Hello Patsy. What do you know about "malt flavoring" on labels? Is that fodmap safe? Rice Krispies is now only made with these ingredients... Rice, sugar, contains 2% or less of salt, malt flavoring, BHT.

I've also seen some cereals at Trader Joe's that look ok, but they also have "barley malt flavoring". Any idea?

Patsy Catsos

Malt flavoring should not pose a problem for a FODMAPs elimination diet (unless one has celiac disease or must otherwise avoid gluten).


I bought some garlic oil at Good Harvest Market, but I'm not sure how much to use as a substitute in recipes calling for garlic. Any ideas? Thanks!

Patsy Catsos

Well, of course you can use it in place of any of oil that is called for in a recipe.. For example, if the recipe calls for 1 tablespoon of olive oil for sauteeing, you can substitute 1 tablespoon of garlic infused oil. Some garlic infused oils are very strongly flavored. For a recipe that calls for a lot of oil, such as a salad dressing, you might want to just use a little garlic infused oil, and keep the rest unflavored.

Or you could add it to recipes that had garlic even if the original recipe didnt call for oil. For example, if making homemade salsa, which doesnt usually call for any oil, instead of garlic you could add a tablespoon of garlic infused oil to a full just for the flavor.


I love to cook and really love different foods but my girlfriend has serious problems with PODMAPs. The real problem is sub-ing garlic and onion with chives/green onion(the green part) and garlic infused olive oil: the problem is the garlic infused olive oil is pretty tame when used with, say-a pot roast that has been cooking for 6-7 hrs.
Can I make my own garlic oil and make it superstrong so that it will hold up more closely to raw garlic(very powerful flavor)?


Sure. Make it as strongly flavored as you like! As long as the only two ingredients are garlic and oil and the garlic flesh is removed before adding to another recipe, it should be fine. Garlic JUICE will have FODMAPs though, so don't "juice" it as you work with it. Limit yourself to chopping or crushing.


I been using a commercial brand of garlic infused EVO oil and I realized today when I was cooking that it´s got some reddish residue that is not oil-soluble as I could see the drops floating in the oil. I haven't been feeling very well although I´ve been doing the diet, so I am concerned that this water-soluble drops may contain fructans from the garlic. Have you heard or seen anything like this in commercial brands of garlic infused oils? Or could this be something else? The expiry date is Sep2015 so I assume the oil has not gone bad.


Do the ingredients say garlic or garlic extract? Garlic extract can unfortunately mean garlic juice, which would contribute FODMAPs to the product.


The product doesn't mention garlic extract on the labels.
Garlic is listed as " garlic....cold infused"
Is there any brand that you would recommend? I"ll try to make it home however I was wondering if the heating process may oxidize the insaturated elements in the oil


Check pinterest/pcatsos for a brand that I thought looked OK, mind it has not been lab tested.

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