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July 17, 2011


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Gerry Rowland

I found the SIBO web site to be unnerving. The approach appears to be that a positive result from any hydrogen breath test indicates SIBO. In my case, the lactose test was negative, the fructose test was positive. My diagnosis was fructose malabsorption. I have identified and eliminated fructose and other FODMAPs. I also had the MRT and have eliminated foods that aggravated my hypersensitivity. The occasional slip, such as having green onions or too much butter, have been the exceptions that prove the rule.

I have found a working comfort zone (the abdominal distress is long past) with this limited diet, and have kept up my nutrition levels. So it bothers me to have a medical person so confident with a diagnosis and treatment that is the complete opposite of all the information I've received and put into practice.

Have any of your patients been successful with the SIBO diet?

Patsy Catsos

People who have successfully treated their symptoms with others diets are probably not seeking help from me, so I may not be the best one to ask, but no, I have not.

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