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June 15, 2011


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Thanks for starting that directory, I was actually just trying to find out if there was anyone at all in Atlanta Georgia. Do you happen to know anyone here who perhaps is not really billing themselves as a fodmaps specialist, but you think might be a good candidate to talk to about it?

Patsy Catsos

Sorry, I don't. Give www.eatright.org find-a-dietitian a try.


thanks anyway, I'll give it a try!

Margaret Corley

I cannot link to the fodmap friendly dietitian list. I don't do twitter or Facebook, just the internet. Is there another way to find this list?


I can't get the link to work either.

Patsy Catsos

I just checked the link and it is working on my computer. Perhaps you could try it with another web browser or computer. If it still won't open please comment again with more details about web browser, etc. so I can trouble-shoot it. Thank you.

marion menditto

where do I find a dietian here in Brick NJ


Looking for a dietician in Kissimmee,fla. Thanks June


I can't find any dietician in the Syracuse, NY area who is well versed in the Fodmaps program. (The only one I did find is no longer practicing and couldn't give me any other dieticians name who is.) I checked your list...the person who is no longer practicing is the only one on your list.

Most doctors and dieticians just hand out a foods maps list of high and low fodsmaps foods and that is it. I bought your book, but am overwhelmed and not sure I really understand the whole process.

I am bloated 24 hours a day and feel horrible. I am also underweight, 63 years old and never had this problem before. My GI said IBS...but he is just guessing.

Patsy Catsos

Just did a training for 17 dietitians in Albany earlier this month. Keep watching the list for updates, maybe someone close to home will be on it soon.

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