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April 30, 2011


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paula mckaig


What do you think about Kefir? I have been symptom free for a little over two weeks now, and I saw Kefir at the store and decided to try a challenge. So far, there has been no trouble, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Any research about fructose and Kefir?

Thanks! Paula

Patsy Catsos

The two FODMAPs to consider for kefir are lactose and fructose. Green Valley kefir is lactose free. Lifeway kefir is very low in lactose (just a gram or two per serving) and is likely to be tolerated by most people with lactose intolerance. As for fructose, I would not expect there to be any at all in plain kefir. If the kefir is sweetened, check the label to see what kind of sweetener is listed among the ingredients. If it is cane sugar or, maple syrup or and allowed fruit juice, then excess fructose isn't a problem unless you overdo the portion size.


What about other supplements? I just got some blood testing done and my doctor recommended that I start taking Vitamin D and B12 -- will these affect the results of the elimination diet?

Patsy Catsos

These particular supplements will probably not affect the results of the elimination diet.


What about flax lignums? The hull of the flax

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