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March 20, 2010


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I've been occasionally using Rice Vinegar (not seasoned). Is it safe?

Patsy Catsos

Yes, unseasoned rice vinegar is safe for the elimination phase of the diet.

A Facebook User

So since Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar is cloudy than it's probably not allowed on elimination phase?

Patsy Catsos

That's right, I would avoid Bragg's during the elimination phase just in case, though it has not been analyzed for FODMAPs as fas as I know.


Is organic filtered apple cider allowed?

Patsy Catsos

Yes, organic filtered apple cider vinegar is allowed.

Joanna Bork

I noticed on your updated information balsamic is no longer allowed during the elimination phase and was wondering why this change was made?

Patsy Catsos

Apparently it contains some fructose, but the data on it has not been published yet. Out of caution, I took it off the list of recommended vinegars on this post until I know more.

Nataliya | Not From A Packet Mix

I have low stomach acid due to FM related zinc deficiency - I'm on vitamins to help but wanted to boost them a little with ACV.

In terms of helping with digestion, would filtered ACV work at all or is unfiltered the only option - even if it's higher FODMAP? Would any other vinegar act in the same way?

Patsy Catsos

Assuming it is the acidity of the vinegar you are after, I don't think there is a great deal of difference between filtered and unfiltered ACV. Other vinegars are also acidic, though the exact pH varies from one to another. How do you know you have low stomach acid? Was the pH of the gastric contents measured during a procedure?

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