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February 11, 2010


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I wonder why tomatoes are included, are they not fruits?

Patsy Catsos

Yes, they are fruits, but fresh tomatoes and a few other fruits are OK on a FODMAPS elimination diet because the total amount of fructose is low, and the balance of fructose to glucose is favorable for absorption.


Thanks Patsy


John De Pablos

Any advice on V8 or vegetable juice?

Patsy Catsos

Overall, only small servings of juices made from allowed fruits and vegetables would be recommended during the elimination phase. Dried fruits, pastes, and concentrates, even from allowed fruits, such as the tomato concentrate in V8, would not be allowed.


I love the "put it in the freezer" comment at the end of your post!

Patsy Catsos

Waste not, want not!


What about cooked fresh tomatoes? I have made my own spaghetti sauce without added sugar, onions, or garlic. It's literally just tomatoes & herbs. Is this ok?

Patsy Catsos

I guess it would depend how much you cook the tomatoes down, and how concentrated the sauce gets. If cooked for an hour or so, but not all day, this might work pretty well.


If one tablespoon of puree is equivalent to one medium tomato, isn't that ok, if tomatoes are allowed? I'm thinking of a small amount of paste for a pizza base.



you say that 1 tbspoon of tomato puree is the same as one medium tomato - is that ok to have as a pizza base topping?

Patsy Catsos

You could certainly try a very small amount of tomato paste. Main point is, when concentrated, tomato products can add to the FODMAP load.


Thanks for getting back to me! Sorry I posted twice. I hope the Monash trip went well! Look forward to your updates :)

Patsy Catsos

That's OK. I have to "publish" the comments to keep out nasty spam, and sometimes when there is a delay people think I didn't get the comment. Australia was awesome, I am pulling thoughts together now to share.

Sandy Eloe

I have the kindle version of your book. Tomato paste is not listed on any of the challenge lists. Is it supposed to be on the Fructose Challenge? Would it be best on part A or B?
Thanks, Sandy


It is hard to place in a category because it hasn't been specifically analyzed for FODMAPs. But certainly it is a concentrated source of fructose, so if I had to guess I would say fructose part A challenge until we know more.

Sherri Twer

I had posted a comment on your FB page that I'd been on the FODMAP diet since January 13th. After about two weeks, I was feeling much better, and, as of the post, I'd been pain-free for ten days. You asked me to contact you directly, and this is the best way that I could find to do so. Now that I'm free of digestive issues, it's made a big difference in my frame of mind, and amount of energy.


That's great new! Glad to hear it. Now I can't remember exactly why I asked you to contact me directly, ha ha. But anyway I'm happy you are feeling better.

Nin Thew

My 11 year old is on the fodmap diet for over two weeks now. All was going well untill the day before yesterday. We made tomato sauce on tinned tomatoes which was simmered down for about one and a half hours. She had this on gluten free pasta with buffalo mozerella for lunch and again for dinner. She had the sauce again on gluten free pizza base the next day. Both days were really bad with stomach pain for her. I thought it could have been chocolate chip cookies she ate. But recent research shows that chocolate is ok and they didn't contain cocoa powder or gluten they were from a specialist bakery. Could it be the tomatoes?

Patsy Catsos

Ideas to consider: cooking down tomatoes concentrated the fructose; tomatoes and chocolate both contain a lot of bioactive natural food chemicals--some people have non-fodmap reactions to them. Fresh mozzarella might still contain a gram or two of lactose.


Hello I’ve been told to try out the Fodmap diet for 8 weeks. Because my DR things I have IBS. I have a sweet tooth. Can you tell me .Can I use Caster sugar, Brown sugar in this diet. Used for baking? Or has it got to be sweeteners I use .
Thank You

Patsy Catsos

Caster sugar and brown sugar are ok in moderation. Search the blog (upper right hand corner) for "sugar" and you will find a whole article about it.


Any suggestions for how to nutritionally deal with increased IBS-C symptoms after being prescribed diurectic HCTZ for new diagnosis of Meniere's. Also have interstitial cystitis so increasing fluid intake is not a workable solution.

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