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September 23, 2009


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No....definitely not poetry, :) but it does explain the mechanics of the issue which is helpful in understanding what is going on.


Hmm...this is really interesting.

Linda Simon

Chaos carbohydrates, I love that term! Chaos, a perfect description of how my gut feels sometimes.


Is regular corn or corn byproducts ie corn starch, popcorn, corn tocos considered a FODMAP. Your book indicates that these shouldn't be a problem, but it seems to cause me problems too.

Patsy Catsos

It is true that corn products are not source of FODMAPS. But FODMAPS arent the only cause of adverse food reactions or IBS symptoms. People can also be reactive to corn (or other foods) via an immune-mediated inflammatory pathway. Its possible for someone to have IBS symptoms result from more than one type of trigger.

Update 1/20/2011: Sweet corn does contain poylols. I no longer recommend sweet corn on the elimination phase of the diet. However, to the best of my current knowledge, corn meal is made from other varieties of corn, and so corn products made from corn meal are still allowed.


Thanks for the information. Gut issues are very new for my family; it's been a really crazy ride just figuring out what's causing all the problems.

I'm still trying to get a handle on FODMAPS, especially a way to explain them to family. This has helped quite a bit! :-)


Hi Patsy,

Thanks again for responding to my emails.’ I notice in you book that, on the exclusion diet, cereal grains such as Rye and Oats can be included. I know that Wheat must be excluded, however, what about Barley? I was thinking of Barley flakes in particular, the ones you can usually buy from health-food stores.

Many thanks


Nutrition to Kitchen

Patsy, I vote that you write a haiku on FODMAPS! :)

Heather Wiggins

Have you found that people that are sensitive to one type of FODMAP are sensitive to others types as well? Or is it possible to have issues with just fructans (for example.)

Patsy Catsos

Yes, it is possible to be more sensitive to some FODMAPs more than others. That is the point of going through the challenge phase outlined in the book--discovering which type(s) of FODMAPs are most problematic for the individual person.

Heather Wiggins

Sorry - I wasn't clear. I was wondering what's more common (in your experience).... Sensitivity to 1 type of FODMAP or sensitivity to multiple FODMAPs. (Does that make sense?)

Patsy Catsos

Most common is a combo. The lactose, fructose and polyol intolerances are very individualized, and may or may not be part of IBS. Someone could have a pure lactose intolerance without having IBS.  Fructans and galactans will produce gas, etc. across the board, even for those without IBS; it is just that people with IBS feel varying amounts of pain as a result.

Cindy Bourgoin

Hi Patsy,
I think perhaps your weblog is helping me find answers. Background: Starting in Dec(6 months ago), I began a trend of nausea, dizziness, diahrhea. In Jan, I took blood tests (several),stool tests, dizzy tests, and finally hormone and gluten testing. I was determined pretty high score on g-intolerance ...it was a saliva tests done by my ND. So, for about 6 weeks, I have been eating g-free, and since a secondary intolerance was found to egg, casein,soy and dairy...I haven't been eating those either. So, pretty much the nausea and dizzy has simmered down. But, now I have almost constant tummy ache, gurgling, bubbling, bloating, etc., and mostly constipation issues. It seems to be worse in the middle of the night, keeping me from sleeping. So then, I had an abdominal ultrasound, and colonoscopy..all which have come out normal. My RD recently introduced me to FODMAPS.

Question...My ND had me on probiotics (as I was missing my normal daily greek yogurt), for about a week or less before my colonoscopy. After the procedure, I began reading your info and am now shy about taking them. They do include the ones you mention bifid...(something or other), but also include others. What do you think? Take them? Wait? Get a different one with only the bugs you mention?

I have been an otherwise a very healthy person up until 6 months ago. I am a personal trainer/health coach and have always lived active and eaten quite well (no processed foods, lots of f & vs, very low or no sugar, etc...)...so as a result I have lost over 20 #, and really can not afford to lose anymore. I stand 5'8", and am at 125 now.

OK...long story...can you help? By the way, I visit my family in Maine every summer and would enjoy and appointment with you. My brother lives in So. Portland.

Help! Cindy

Cindy Bourgoin

Another question....my multivitamin/mineral supps include vegy and fruit blends including the powders of unallowed f & vs for fodmaps...take them? Change?

Patsy Catsos

I do not recommend using food-based supplements while using an elimination diet to figure out IBS food triggers. Too confusing. Probably better to skip all non-prescription supplements for a few weeks or to switch to non-allergenic ones.

Patsy Catsos

Hi Cindy, I can only reply to "general" questions in this forum, so I am glad you are already working with a dietitian. My overall reaction is to recommend you follow the probiotic advice of the medical provider who is most familiar with the details of your particular case. Blends of probiotics including the "bifidos" are sometimes perfectly appropriate. For example, VSL#3 is an eight-strain blend that can help with IBS. It is often more important to choose one treatment and stick to it, rather than switching around too much, so do discuss any changes you are considering with your current providers.


had colon cancer
many trips to br -small out put
but every 5 minutes
do u think fodmaps can help
i stopped with coke recently
thanks ric

Patsy Catsos

It might, but to be sure to work with a dietitian so you dont over restrict intake during your illness.
Patsy Catsos, MS. R.D. L.D.

Tiffany Youngren

I have never heard of FODMAPS! This is wild. Will look into it a bit more. Thanks for the post.

Patsy Catsos

Welcome! Hope you will find some useful info here.

Dianne Gibson

I ordered your book a couple of weeks ago but its not arrived as yet... however taking advice from your website and lists i have come across im cutting out all the elimination foods.... and amazingly i am begining to feel well!!!! Cant wait for the book to arrive so that i can 'digest' more information and hopefully do it in the right way. After 20 years of suffereing im very excited by FODMAPS :o) Thank you

Patsy Catsos

Hi Diane, That's great! What on earth could be taking your book so long to arrive? Can you share what country you are in and what vendor you used? The only vendors I have personally arranged are Amazon.com and Createspace.com, but I have noticed some other book resellers buying it in quantity for resale. Of course, its nice to have the extra book sales; I have to just hope they are as good as Amazon at order fulfillment. Nothing I can do about it, anyway.

Misty B

This is my second day on the elimination diet and I am still learning. If some corn products are okay, is popcorn okay? We have microwave popcorn that lists the ingredients as popcorn, canola oil and salt less than 2% natural and artificial flavor, sucralose, TBHQ and citric acid to preserve freshness, Hydrogenated vegatable oil. I am looking for more snack food options.

Patsy Catsos

I think popcorn is OK, it is made from a high starch variety of corn. The ingredients you mentioned are technically no FODMAPs, so would technically be allowed, but I can't resist commenting they don't look like anything I would recommend as a healthy snack. Any chance of popping some corn the old-fashioned way, with oil in a heavy skillet or saucepan (with lid) on the stove top?


Have had IBS for years and so excited to just learn about low FODMAP foods. I eat homemade hummus quite often, as well as occasionally having black beans and lentils, so I was "disappointed" they were foods suggested to eliminate. My question is - would taking BEANO with the chick peas and beans help or solve the digestion issues? Thanks for your time!

Patsy Catsos

People say it does help, but extremely limited clinical evidence to base a recommendation on, all published by the company that makes BEANO. Note that mold and yeast sensitive individuals should not use BEANO.Readers please let us know if BEANO has helped you.

Lynn Latham

I seem to have a problem eating quinoa in anything so have now eliminated it...the lowfodmap is working wonders and have never felt better even in the first week of doing so. It is a bit daunting to begin with but then it becomes second nature. I have in just over two months lost 8 kilos and have never felt this good for so long with energy levels up there. I often wonder why apple is sometimes mentioned as ok but mostly it is a big no no?

K Piccone

I have been on the elimination diet now for seven weeks and for the last three I have been adding back a different food each day. I am unclear on the testing of sugars and artificial sweeteners. The only "sugars" that have been allowed throughout were honey and pure maple syrup. So when I tested white sugar, I felt horrible and had a headache ALL day. Should Stevia or any other sweetener be tested or should I just stick with honey for the rest of my life? I too have been sick with symptoms and doctors have never diagnosed any specific problem. I finally feel like my doc is a great one for trying out this path and possibly looking at IBS.


The good news is it sounds like the elimination diet overall has helped. The bad news is that honey really isn't OK on the elimination phase of this diet (maybe you were getting mixed up with the SCD?). The low FODMAP sweeteners are sugar (white, brown), pure maple syrup, and stevia. You maybe have been tolerating honey alright because your overall diet was lower in FODMAPs so that's all good. Not sure what the headache was about, but probably not due to FODMAPs, since FODMAPs probably causes only GI symptoms. As for moving on...most people doing challenges should try to challenge with one *category* of FODMAPs at a time rather than one *food* at a time. I'm glad you found a doctor you can work with. Maybe he or she can refer you to a dietitian in your area so you can get some guidance with this challenge phase thing.


Hi Patsy
Is Yacon Syrup acceptable on the FOD MAP plan?

Patsy Catsos

I would say no. I don't believe it has been analyzed for FODMAPs, but I have seen some sources claiming it is high in inulin, usually as a bragging point for its suitability for diabetics. Can't affect blood sugar much if not absorbed, eh? But then can act as a FODMAP later on in the large bowel.

gail wright

Hi Patsy,
I have been taking a sweetener called "truvia" which is a calorie-free sweetner from the stevia leaf. Ingredients listed are: erythritol, stevia leaf extract, natural flavors.
It is the best tasting sweetener I have tried. Does it comply with FODMAPS?


Hello. I was just told a couple days ago that I would have to try this diet by my MD. So it's all new to me and very overwhelming. So cheese is ok but milk isn't? That's confusing. Also, when my Dr gave me the diet, he said my body may have lost the ability to digest gluten but then gave me the fodmap diet. So which should I do gluten free or fodmap?

Patsy Catsos

Jason I can't give you medical nutrition advice but it sounds like you need some. Check the tab at the top of my block and try to locate a knowledgeable registered dietitian to work with. At the very least, buy my book, IBS--Free at Last! to help you think through this thing and chop it down to size so it isn't so overwhelming. And finally, for questions like cheese v. milk try searching my blog from the search box in the upper right hand corner and you will find some articles to read.

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