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November 17, 2008


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I just had this conversation at my first trip to a dietitian. We didn't get into great detail, but onions, garlic, ice cream, gluten free oats, beans ended up on my list of foods to eliminate from my diet individually. This after eating a soup that contained 4 types of onions among other potential trigger foods.

Lori Gallagher

I am lokking at this site as a cause for allergy like symptoms,itching of face and tounge.I have had most of my large intestine removed when I was 12, due to ulcerative colitas.So I have always had trouble with sorbitol and malitol,but now fruit is causing almost like allergic reactions.I am 48 and have ate fruits and wheat normally.But I did have a bad experience with agave and stevia.Looking at trying the eliminate diet.


FODMAPs affect people by causing symptoms in the gut. It won't help allergic-like symptoms you describe unless by coincidence you stop eating the foods you are allergic to during the diet. Is it mostly raw fruits that are causing problems? Do you also have environmental allergies like to trees and grasses? Look into something called food pollen syndrome or oral allergy syndrome, try the Mayo Clinic web site. Good luck.

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